Festival Safety

Festivals can be an amazing experience for young people. Staying safe can be easy by being prepared and following some handy tips.

Festival grounds can be very large sites to find your way around, there will be people who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Sanitary conditions may be limited. But that's all part of the fun right? There are plenty of ways your young person can make the experience a whole lot better with a little bit of pre-planning for the 'what if' situations. 

Friends sat on grass at festival facing the stage

    Be Prepared

    • Before they go know what camping equipment they will need
    • Look at the festival website and have a clear idea of where they will enter the festival ground and where to reach the accommodation site
    • Check how to pay for things at your festival, it may be card or cash only
    • Know your limits for drugs and alcohol. Understand the law. If a person buys drugs for friends technically they are a supplier
    • Buddy up with your friends and arrange a meeting point and time in case you get separated

    A Festival Wellbeing Guide

    • Be drink and drug aware - don't overdo it. Make informed decisions.
    • Look after your friends - make sure that everyone gets home safely at night and that people are not left to walk back to camp on their own.
    • Be a friendly face in the crowd - if you see someone you don't know who looks like they are struggling or needs some help ask if they are ok. If you see someone alone and unconscious alert a steward or member of the event staff.
    • Pace yourself and know when to go to bed - have a good time, stay up all night if you are having fun, but there comes a point where you need to ask yourself: Is this fun anymore or do I need a bit of sleep?
    • Avoid an upset stomach - you might be happy to dodge the shower for the weekend, but make sure you always wash your hands or use an antibacterial hand sanitiser before you eat and after you've used the toilet. If you're making your own food back at camp, ensure the meat is thoroughly cooked. Food poisoning + festival toilets = #FestivalFail.